Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Coming

It's hard to find people at a dance to video since they are there to dance.

I'll try and get some ballroom footage (not that I really know how to dance ballroom, I fake it). It will be interesting to see the contrast. (Interesting for me).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

East Coast Swing Part II

This is more like it.

East Coast Swing Part I

For some reason my camera stops recording after a minute, so here's the first half of the dance. Second half is better. I questioned Steve's decision to Charleston to this beat, he switched to Swing (it's really a mix of EC Swing and Lindy). A few miscommunications but I'm going to post the bad with the good.

A little Charleston

Blues at Odd Fellows

Not my best performance. This guy is several leagues above this beginner, and I haven't danced with hi in a while so I was nervous. But the point of this exercise (videoing myself) is to find my weak points. So critique away.